Precision Dental Probe Set With Dental Mirror

$ 199.00

Equine Periodontal Instrument Set

Germany Stainless and Finest Craftsmanship

A complete set for equine periodontal work.

This set includes:

19-016 – Equine Periodontal Tissue Probe Banded, 17″ (43cm)

19-010 – Equine Dental Explorer (Fine Point), 17″ (43cm)

19-012 – Equine Dental Sickle Scaler, 18″ (46cm)

19-011 – Equine Dental Scaler (Small Hook), 17″ (43.5cm)

19-013 – Equine Needle Pick, 17″ (43cm)

19-091 –  Equine Dental Mirror 50mm Dia. Head

All instruments come in a sturdy zippered leatherette case.

Available on backorder

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