Basic Dental Instrument Kit

$ 533.00

Includes all dental instruments shown/listed below (all items can be substituted) 
These items can be purchased separately but the total cost of these instruments would be $594,  purchasing the kit saves 10%, or $59

1 x Peet Root Tip -Forceps
1 x 3mm Straight Luxator
1 x 5mm Straight Luxator
1 x Periosteal Elevator – Canine
1 x Periosteal Elevator – Feline
1 x Olsen Hegar Needle Hldr 12cm
1 x Curved Iris Scissors
1 x West Apical Root Tip Pick
1 x Double-ended, Probe Explorer
1 x Extracting Forceps (closed)

EUR Euro
USD United States (US) dollar